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Professional Therapist across the Yorkshire Region

My name is Alan David Kershaw. I offer psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in Wakefield and West Yorkshire and I am delighted that you have found my website.

If you are reading this then I assume it is because you have an issue or problem that needs resolving…….maybe you need to lose weight, have an ongoing fear of something or you are continually feeling stressed about financial or work pressures…… Whatever the reason is for finding my site, I am pleased to tell you that by reading this you are already on the road to recovery!

Admitting you have a problem or thinking that you may need to see me is a massive decision that you have made so the fact that you have started to look at my website is a great first step.

I understand that the thought of coming to see me may be a daunting experience but if you are still reading this then I have your attention and now it’s up to me to tell you why you should get in contact with me….

Firstly I have over 30 years’ experience of being a professional therapist. In that time I have successfully helped 1000s of clients from across the Yorkshire region so I am extremely confident that I have experience in dealing with whatever issue or problem you have.

Secondly I AM different in the way I conduct my therapy. Claiming to be different can be a cliché these days but I can assure you I AM different! I treat every client individually and, by using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and a combination of other complimentary treatments, I am able to create a tailored therapy to resolve YOUR specific issue or problem.

Thirdly my experience has included 7 years working with the NHS. I obtained preferred supplier status with the NHS which allowed GPs in Yorkshire to refer and fund their patient’s therapy. Within the first year I was working with seven practices across the Yorkshire region.

Finally I conduct all my hypnotherapy in Wakefield and West Yorkshire in a professional manner and all therapy is carried out in complete confidence. My best results are when the client is totally relaxed and comfortable so my aim to make you feel calm and reassured from our very first conversation or appointment.

With 1000s of successful stories I know my unique approach to therapy gets results and will change your life for the better.

We can privately discuss your problem over the telephone so I can give you my knowledge and expertise on how I will help you so if you are looking for a professional therapist for, amongst other therapies, hypnotherapy in Wakefield and West Yorkshire then contact ME now on 01924 360706.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.