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As part of Alan’s continued dedication to developing his knowledge and skills, Alan has spent time learning about the benefits of hypnobirthing in West Yorkshire which is popular in the world of celebrities and gained coverage when The Duchess of Cambridge admitted to learning about the self-hypnosis technique prior to giving birth to Prince George. 

Hypnobirthing is a simple but effective method of self-hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques that allow women to take control of the birth and ultimately have a better birthing experience.

The birthing experience can be an extremely stressful and painful experience for some women but by learning some simple self-hypnosis techniques that Alan has developed, the birth of your child can become a more peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable experience that reduces stress and is free of any fears or tension. This should help in minimising any pain.

Alan’s methods of hypnobirthing in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, are based on his 30 years’ experience as a professional therapist. Alan’s innovative method of fusing together different types of therapies and techniques has enabled him to develop his own pioneering form of therapy that has now been adapted to teach women about the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of giving birth.

Based at his practice in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Alan’s sessions will teach you a variety of skills and techniques that will create a tranquil and comfortable birthing environment including:

  • Breathing and visualisation techniques that actually help the birth
  • Relaxation methods that will help you stay calm and in control
  • How to be confident and informed when dealing with the medical staff
  • Massage technique that will help reduce the risk of needing an episiotomy during birth
  • How to release any fears you might have about childbirth

In addition to hypnobirthing having a positive effect on the woman giving birth, it is also proven that the hypnobirth experience can also benefit the baby too as they tend to be calmer, feed better, sleep better and generally have less trauma due to the calm environment they were born in.

By getting involved in the hypnobirth sessions prior to the birth, dads can also play an important role in the birthing process by helping the mother keep calm and focussed which ultimately makes the father feel like they are playing a part in the birth.

Over recent years Alan has taught hypnobirthing techniques to women and couples across the Wakefield area and all clients have commented on how beneficial the hypnobirth sessions were in preparation for the birthing process.

If you want to learn about our methods of hypnobirthing in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, and are looking for a professional therapist in the Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on alan@alandavidkershaw.co.uk.