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Visiting a therapist can be a big decision and can be quite a daunting and nervous experience, especially if you are struggling with emotional problems, anxiety based symptoms or phobias.

Alan aims to make every client comfortable and at ease within the environment so, whilst there may be some initial worries and fears about getting in contact, Alan is confident that his sessions will be life changing.

Alan’s range of psychotherapy and hypnotherapist services in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, can help solve a range of common problems including:

Alan’s innovative method of fusing together different styles of therapies and techniques has enabled him to develop his own pioneering form of therapy that is very much catered towards the specific problems of each individual client, with the focus being on treating the root cause rather than the symptoms in order to permanently resolve the underlying problem.

Based in Wakefield, Alan’s unique method of hypnotherapy in Wakefield is based on the profound understanding and ability to work with the subconscious.

If you want to change your life for the better and are looking for a professional psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Wakefield or the West Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706 to discuss your problem in total confidence. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on alan@alandavidkershaw.co.uk.


"A truly remarkable man who coaches out of you truly remarkable results. I am 5 years in to Alan's holistic teachings and every day I surprise myself with how much I've learnt and how strong I've become." Carrin Joy

"THE BEST!!" John Richardson

"I came to see Alan Kershaw with my problem fear of heights/life after a few short weeks of patient monitoring and confidence building it took me to the top of the mountain He gently Coaxed me to the edge of the cliff and gently nudged me off As I started to fall panic stricken into the ravine.

I noticed a sense of calm coming over me then I started to sprout wings and climb into the air soaring like an Eagle peaceful in the sky clear blue sky sky of life!" Anonymous

"Alan is a highly experienced professional. I recommend his studied and varied approach to assist his clients in the area of their psychological problems." Patricia Holden

"Alan is a legend! When I first went to him I was in need of some help but I was doubtful about his techniques. However his calm and friendly nature soon put me at ease. He got to the bottom of my problem and we then went on to charge the way I think and feel about everything. I'm not a very well educated man so it is difficult to convey just how much he has changed my life. If you are in any doubt if he can help you, I can only recommend you speak to him and he will put your mind at ease. I can't praise him highly enough."
CW in Wakefield