Motivational Coaching Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Motivational Coaching and Business Training across Yorkshire

The role of motivational coaching is to help people assess their strengths, set strategic goals and take steps to achieving success.

Whether you are a salesman looking to improve your figures, an athlete wanting to set a personal best or an individual simply looking to do well in life, the desire to strive for success and be the best that you can be is what motivates you. Alan David Kershaw offers the motivational coaching in Wakefield and West Yorkshire that you may need.

Drawing on his own experiences of managing sales personnel and running his own business, Alan has always been aware of the importance of goal setting, time management, team and self-motivation, and recognised early in his career the value of psychology in a sales environment.

Using his motivational coaching in West Yorkshire and Wakefield, he has helped motivate people from all walks of life and he has skills and expertise in a range of different areas including:

  • Senior Management Coaching
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Busting
  • Self-Improvement and Empowerment
  • Releasing Hidden Potential

Alan firmly believes in the importance of psychology of achieving success and he draws upon several different psychotherapy techniques of programming for automatic action that, when combined with focusing on goals, visualising success and handling stress, will ensure permanent and long lasting success.

From business and personal objectives to sporting goals, Alan has developed an enviable reputation for being an expert in training and motivation coaching.

Whether business, sports or personal goal, 
Let Alan help you achieve it!

Be the best that you can be!

If you want to be more successful and are looking for professional motivational coaching in Wakefield or motivational coaching in West Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706 to discuss your training needs. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on


‘Alan Kershaw is a superb and excellent presenter. He taught something new to all of us. Mr Kershaw was an expert at his profession and held my attention 100%.’

R. J. Sharp, Regional Sales Manager (Eagle Star Financial Advisers)

‘We have used Alan to help with personal development of managers. He has improved productivity from those who have used him. Alan was brought in to motivate a number of newly appointed managers in techniques to help them produce the very best results from their teams.

It was certainly the first time I had ever experienced anything like this. I can honestly say that Alan's motivational abilities played a role in our continuing success.’

Martin Whelan, National Academy Manager (Eagle Star Life Assurance Co Ltd)

‘With regards to your recent self-development course, the positive thinking and stress busting elements have received very good feedback with consultants not only enjoying the course but also getting real benefits from it.’

Mrs Della Tew, Sales Manager (Scarborough Building Society)

‘Listening to Alan's tape soon helped me achieve my goals with new powerful clarity. Thanks Alan, you've given me a much happier and successful life.’

Mr Alistair Forrest (Glasgow)