Sports Hypnotherapy Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Sports Hypnotherapy Enhancement and Sports Performance Training across West Yorkshire

With athletes and sportsmen and women constantly looking at new ways to gain a competitive advantage over rival individuals or teams, many are turning to psychotherapy and sports hypnotherapy and to help improve their overall performance as it can enhance an individual’s mental attitude.

Each individual is different but typical benefits for using our sports hypnotherapy in Wakefield and West Yorkshire include:

  • Increase endurance
  • Removes nerves and negative thoughts
  • Maintain composure and overcome obstacles
  • Develop mental stamina
  • Improve your sports style
  • Increase motivation and dedication
  • Improve confidence and self-belief

Several elite athletes from the world of golf, football, tennis and other sports now use mental coaches who use hypnosis techniques to mentally prepare for events and competitions.

Alan David Kershaw has been helping to enhance the performance of athletes, sportsmen and women for many years using a combination of techniques that are based around structured imagery and visualising through hypnosis.

As a professional with over 20 years of experience, over his career Alan has worked with many top athletes including a World Champion boxer, a Superbike rider and a Championship footballer.

By visualising winning a competition, match or tournament, the individual can help tune their mind for success. If the mind is capable of imagining something then it is also capable of making it happen.

In addition Alan can combine hypnosis with a range of other psychotherapy techniques including NLP modelling and cognitive behaviour therapy that work on the pre and post-performance attitude.

If you are involved in sports of any type, professionally or just for a hobby, and want to improve your performance then Alan’s innovative style of sports hypnotherapy in Wakefield and West Yorkshire and other psychotherapy techniques can help you compete at your maximum level.

Whether business, sports or personal goal, 
Let Alan help you achieve it!

Be the best that you can be!

If you want to improve your individual or team's sporting performance and are looking for sports hypnotherapy in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706 to discuss your needs in total confidence. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on