Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Stop Smoking Therapy from one of Yorkshire's Leading Therapists

With over twenty years proven experience in helping people become quit with stop smoking hypnotherapy in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area, you can be sure that you will be in safe hands with Alan David Kershaw.

Over the years, Alan has developed an enviable reputation as the leading practitioner in stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment and his combined approach to therapy will ensure you successfully stop smoking.

His combined approach is the result of years of research into the treatments, which offer the highest rates of success for people stopping smoking.

During his research, the following facts and figures on recorded success rates for smoking cessation, convinced him there was scope to develop a more effective treatment:

60%      Single session of hypnosis using relaxation techniques

30%      Suggestion hypnosis only or listening to Stop smoking treatment on tapes/CDs

29%      Exercise and breathing therapy

25%      Aversion therapy

24%      Acupuncture

16%      Nicotine patches

10%      Nicotine gum

6%       Willpower only

The much-publicised drug, Brupopion (trade name Zyban) with potential listed side effects has shown to be only 30% effective.

Fear is the main reason people do not want to give up smoking:

  • Fear of having to give up the ‘crutch’ or pleasure
  • Fear of not being able to enjoy life or handle stress
  • Fear of putting on weight
  • Fear of the trauma or withdrawal symptoms
  • Fear the craving will never completely go

Alan’s unique approach is based on the simple principle that standard hypnosis (also known as ‘suggestion therapy’) is not a guaranteed solution to helping people quit smoking and therefore Alan has developed a series of techniques and therapies that ensure that 99% of people he sees will successfully stop smoking!

He offers a single session of stop smoking hypnotherapy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which takes about an hour. Alan uses various techniques and before each treatment Alan will undertake a mental MOT together with providing an in-depth explanation of the therapies that will be used during the therapy.

It is a given that you may attend the session with cravings at an all-time high but Alan is extremely confident that, within 5 minutes of the session starting, his innovative approach will reduce that anxious desire to zero!!

Indeed Alan is so confident in the success of his stop smoking treatment that he offers a free back up treatment should it be needed.

Stopping smoking is the easy part but ensuring you maintain a lifestyle as a non-smoker is a little harder. Alan is a fully skilled psychotherapist in Wakefield with many years’ experience treating emotional and addictive ailments privately and working with the NHS, so you can be confident in the knowledge that any complex issues, which may occur can be dealt with effectively and caringly.

As this is a single session of treatment there is no requirement for an assessment session so please go to Contact me to book your appointment.

If you want to stop smoking and are looking for a professional psychotherapist or stop smoking hypnotherapy in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706 to discuss your problem in total confidence. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on


"Well Alan all I can say is that you are a genius! I haven't wanted to smoke since our session together. Everyone that knows me can't believe that I don't smoke! My new partner is absolutely elated that I don't smoke anymore. Many thanks for your help"

Mr Nigel Raynor (West Yorkshire)

"I was amazed that after years of trying to quit smoking I was able to achieve success without any irritability or withdrawal symptoms"

Miss Nikki Armstrong (Wakefield)


September 2009

“I was so fed-up with my weight getting me down and going to weight loss classes, I decided to try a hypno-gastric band.  I went to see Alan David Kershaw a bit nervous because I was so down with my weight that I wanted to give it a go.  Alan also stopped me smoking with just one session. 

I have not touched a cigarette since which was nearly three years ago, nor have I been tempted to buy a packet.  I hate it now.  This is what made me want to see Alan again; he makes you feel so at ease as I am, in general, a nervous person!  He is so trusting.  I have gone from 13st 1lb to 11st 6lb in just four 2-hour sessions.

He also rids you of any other underlying problems that you may have.  I have much more confidence in myself now.  I do not go hungry, I know my portion sizes and I have more energy.  I feel much happier with myself.  Thank you Alan, for everything.”

Sandra (Castleford)