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Testimonials - Alan David Kershaw


Here are just a handful of testimonials from some of the many clients I have helped over the years.

"Well Alan all I can say is that you are a genius! I haven't wanted to smoke since our session together.
Everyone that knows me can't believe that I don't smoke Anymore My new partner is absolutely elated that I don't smoke anymore.Many thanks for your help." Nigel Raynor

"Hi Alan......it's Julie here. I wanted to write to you as it has been 2 weeks since George & I came to see you. No one is more surprised than us that the session to help us quit smoking has really worked.  We have had no agitation, no cravings, no tears and most of all no regrets. I am totally against the smell, to such an end that I physically recoil from people who smell of smoke and I hate having to walk  past people smoking as the smell is horrid. We have never felt fitter and more relaxed and we are walking every day.  We have also saved a fortune!We cannot thank you enough Alan for what you did for us (still not sure what you did) – we were both very sceptical but after trying every other method in the past to quit we thought “why not” and we are so glad we did.
Thank you again, all the best." George & Julie Lister

"I came to see you a few weeks ago with my fear of flying ( which we talked about and determined it was general anxiety etc rather than a fear of flying!). Just to let you know I went to Mallorca and back this week (only a short flight I know) and was so much better than of recent times. The flight was even a little bumpy in the way back and I didn't panic or stress about it. I just wanted to let you know and thank you as I really do feel as though you have made a difference for me. Many thanks." Wendy Senior

"An eye-opening experience. Alan Kershaw skilfully takes you to a new level of understanding about yourself in order for you to get the best out of life. I now use his teachings every day.  Worth every penny!" Carl, Yorkshire

"I  just wanted to thank you for your help, when I first visited you I was deeply upset about many different issues in my life, some of which went back to my childhood when my father died. I have to admit I wasn't sure if your therapy would work or help to sort myself out, how wrong could I have been! A few weeks later and I feel like a person that can take control of their life, the situations that used to rule my life and most certainly spoil my life don't anymore. I grieved for the loss of my father something I have never been able to do, that is until i met you.
I simply can't thank you enough for changing my life and the way I deal with stressful or upsetting situations. You have taught me how to meditate which I feel everyone should be taught how to do, it really does change your life! Thank you, thank you and thank you again, you are a truely marvelous person." Sharron Cooper, Mirfield.

"A truly remarkable man who coaches out of you truly remarkable results. I am 5 years in to Alan's holistic teachings and every day I surprise myself with how much I've learnt and how strong I've become." Carrin Joy

"THE BEST!!" John Richardson

"I came to see Alan Kershaw with my problem fear of heights/life after a few short weeks of patient monitoring and confidence building it took me to the top of the mountain He gently Coaxed me to the edge of the cliff and gently nudged me off As I started to fall panic stricken into the ravine.

I noticed a sense of calm coming over me then I started to sprout wings and climb into the air soaring like an Eagle peaceful in the sky clear blue sky sky of life!" Anonymous

"Alan is a highly experienced professional. I recommend his studied and varied approach to assist his clients in the area of their psychological problems." Patricia Holden

"Alan is a legend! When I first went to him I was in need of some help but I was doubtful about his techniques. However his calm and friendly nature soon put me at ease. He got to the bottom of my problem and we then went on to charge the way I think and feel about everything. I'm not a very well educated man so it is difficult to convey just how much he has changed my life. If you are in any doubt if he can help you, I can only recommend you speak to him and he will put your mind at ease. I can't praise him highly enough." CW in Wakefield

"I went to see Alan in November 2015 after a pretty challenging few years and having had counselling and sought professional support from other providers in the past was still not able to fully move forward with how I coped with what life threw at me. I was pretty desperate by the time I contacted Alan and had developed real anxiety issues by this time but I knew I needed to try and sort this if I was going to feel better about my life and my circumstances and try and ensure my future was a happy one.

Contacting Alan was the best thing I ever did. His techniques and methodologies come from years of experience and he is a great listener who plays such attention to what I was saying and in some cases not saying... He knows just the right techniques to deploy in a given situation and whilst sometimes it has been very challenging to open up on some of the deep rooted issues I experience, he has managed to help me move forward in a way I didn't quite imagine I would or could do. The sessions have helped me to identify what was causing my anxiety rather than treating the symptoms of it and he has given me the techniques to use on myself way after our sessions have finished but also the confidence to be happy with who I am..

Whilst there is still potentially a little more work to do to reach a point of complete acceptance and letting go of the past, I feel a million miles away from the person that went to see Alan at the end of 2015. I can't thank you enough Alan for what you have done. There are so many people out there who would benefit from your unique style and approach. Thank you for everything." Catherine in Leeds