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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy from one of Yorkshire's Leading Therapists

Over the last few years, celebrity news has made the public aware of the benefits of having a gastric band fitted in the drive to lose weight.

Celebrities such as Fern Britton and Sharon Osbourne, who were constantly in the public eye, had a gastric band fitted through surgery.

This surgical procedure puts a band around the top of part of the stomach to make it smaller which in turn makes the patient feel full after eating just a small amount of food.

By using our weight loss hypnotherapy in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, the subconscious mind can be made to believe that a gastric band has been fitted. Using guided visualisation techniques, an experienced hypnotherapist is able to take someone through a gastric band operation whilst in a deep state of hypnosis and in the safety of a hypnotherapist’s office. This is non-invasive and safe.

This process can help you lose weight easily, on average, a stone a month.

If you are reading this you are probably aware, diets just don’t work.

Is the phrase ‘yo-yoing’ relevant to your situation?

A diet is a short term eating plan with a beginning, middle and end. You follow the eating plan, lose weight and usually revert to your old eating habits.

You regain the weight, and more besides, but I presume this is not news to you?

One of the reasons we become overweight is faulty programming in childhood, for instance, ‘if you don’t clean your plate you can’t have a pudding’. This is the control and reward syndrome.

Another reason for overeating and probably the most important is emotional eating (comfort eating). This is purely a symptom and will have a root cause, just as with phobias, nail biting, etc.

Alan David Kershaw uses holistic therapy, which treats the person as a whole, mind and body. And that’s why this is so very effective!

This means whilst you are losing weight, you are also clearing out all the emotional baggage that has helped contribute to your excess weight and any other symptoms or problems that may be connected.

Changing your psychology (your thinking) will change your physiology (your body)!

A real gastric band can cost approximately £8,000 and may be only 70% effective because the psychology is not changed. Aside from this, there may be dangerous postoperative side effects.

If you are looking for a professional psychotherapist and weight loss hypnotherapy in Wakefield and the West Yorkshire area then contact Alan David Kershaw now on 01924 360706 to discuss your weight problem in total confidence. Alternatively feel free to email Alan on alan@alandavidkershaw.co.uk.

Read about Carrin’s journey….

"My weight had always been a barrier, a hindrance, and a state of utter repulsion. I used to be fit and, although never considered slim, I was athletic.

I have spent many years, bargaining with myself that I won’t eat today or I’ll reward myself if I walked to the shop and back; after all, what harm could this packet of crisps really be doing?

I had seriously delayed living life, dreaming about that woman who would exist on the beach next summer, who would walk into a school reunion and not feel the fattest person there.

Enough, I thought, take action now or be miserable forever!

So, short of major surgery, I looked for an alternative. I just needed this to work and all of you reading this will know exactly the desperation behind that last statement.

I researched Alan on the website and within 30 minutes found myself calling him to book an appointment, no time like the present now is there?  My goal: to be that slimmer, life-loving woman I was inside but hadn’t shown to the world in a very long time.

Alan was professional yet inviting; warm but not gushing; relaxed but driven. It was because of this relaxed approach, I realised there was more to my unhappiness and love affair with food than I’d ever attributed.

As part of this journey, Alan identified key issues with trust, self-confidence and taking responsibility. If you knew me, you would never have used these adjectives to describe me.

Delicately, Alan broached this subject through one to one psychotherapy.

Each time I saw Alan, we would spend at least the first hour of my session exploring, explaining, excusing, blaming, crying, and accepting. It was hard work but the sense of euphoria at the end is immeasurable – just like having completed a great workout in the gym!

We undertook practical exercises in strengthening core beliefs, improving self-awareness, developing self-esteem. Alan taught me the power of words, relaxation and meditation techniques,. The change wasn’t just identified within, many friends and colleagues noticed subtle differences; the shoulders slightly pushed back, the genuine smiles, holding eye contact. People who knew I was having ‘counselling’ remarked if this is what it does to people, everyone should do it!

I have now had my 5 sessions and the difference it has made to me and in me is eons from where I was. Where I would say the weight initially did not come off, I am now enjoying the new mind set and continued steady weight loss that I yearned so long for. Every day is positive and focused.

My message to anyone considering this is ‘Go For It’. For I have found taking the weight off your mind truly takes the weight off your body!"

Carrin Joy (North Yorks)


‘After endless diets and little success, I was delighted with the results which have helped me lose weight from 22 stone to 13 stone. With continued use of Alan's program, I was able to maintain my motivation.’

Mr Tim Taylor-Lee (Southampton)

‘I tried hypnotherapy with Alan Kershaw as a last resort to lose weight. I had tried all the usual slimming clubs to no avail, as they don't provide a long-term solution unless you have cast iron will power and no one has, including me.

I needed a permanent solution to whatever was blocking my way to what I saw as the 'real me', a much slimmer person.

Thanks to Alan's approach, which I found informal and comfortable, I lost over a stone relatively quickly and easily.

He not only helped me change my attitude to food but also improved other aspects of my life. He made it possible for me to free myself of long standing issues that had the power to haunt me. Generally, I found his sessions uplifting and overall my confidence has improved.

For the first time, thanks to Alan, I realise the responsibility for the way I look is entirely mine and that in itself is controlling what I eat. I believe Alan has provided me with the long-term solution I had been seeking and made me believe in myself as the one who can live my life the way I want to live it.’

M Shaw (West Yorkshire)

‘I was so fed-up with my weight getting me down and going to weight loss classes, I decided to try a hypno-gastric band.  I went to see Alan Kershaw, a bit nervous because I was so down with my weight that I wanted to give it a go.  Alan also stopped me smoking with just one session. 

I have not touched a cigarette since which was nearly three years ago, nor have I been tempted to buy a packet.  I hate it now.  This is what made me want to see Alan again; he makes you feel so at ease as I am, in general, a nervous person!  He is so trusting.  I have gone from 13st 1lb to 11st 6lb in just four 2 hour sessions. 

He also rids you of any other underlying problems that you may have.  I have much more confidence in myself now.  I do not go hungry, I know my portion sizes and I have more energy.  I feel much happier with myself.  Thank you Alan for everything.’"

Sandra (Castleford)